Igor Mazepa: how to fraud investors and stay clean

Igor Mazepa: A Fraudster Who Always Dares People to Catch Him If Possible

Igor Mazepa: A Fraudster Who Always Dares People to Catch Him If Possible

In this article, you will read about how Igor Mazepa started an investment company known as Concorde Capital. You will also learn about PrivateFX and other fraudulent activities that Mazepa has engaged in.

More about Igor Mazepa

The investment market in Ukraine has had many difficulties. Both local and worldwide crises, development changes, and more have led to the sector being less appealing. However, its flagships are not giving up; they are always hoping for the best.

Mr. Mazepa is a graduate of an Economics institution at Kyiv. He also possesses the necessary knowledge and working skills in the investment field. This fact sounds impressive, but he started working by selling vouchers. Then he worked as the head of an investment company and lost his job after failing to meet the expectations of his employer. This made him go back to the company where he used to sell vouchers where he got a promotion.

The turning point of Mr. Mazepa’s career was in 2004 when he started an investment company named Concorde Capital.

Within three months, Mazepa’s investment company had become the top PFTS trader in the stock market. This company used to trade with the money of its investors, but their names were not indicated.

The income of Mazepa went up in 2006 because he had bought assets from someone who was his partner.

Mr. Mazepa Left Home for Cult

A lot of money took Mr. Mazepa to a sect. He joined Scientologists, a group that professed the exclusivity of their promises and elevated them over ordinary mortals. Mazepa acquired the ideas of that cult, and he even attempted to start his sect on his own workers. He even left his spouse and did not leave her any money.

PrivateFX Failure

It was in 2015 when Mr. Mazepa took part in PrivateFX scam. Pavel Krymov initially ran this fraud activity. Pavel had formed short projects, which could bring in money two or three years and then ran away, leaving his investors stranded. Pavel used to run Forex Trend Company, which had operated for five years, and even very popular people promoted it.

When Forex Trend failed, what the investors wanted was their money, and Mr. Mazepa started Forex Trend “one plus one scheme.” He asked the desperate investors to deposit money and promised that the amount they would deposit would be doubled. Mazepa ended payouts in two years and sold the company to avoid being responsible for what had happened.


Igor Mazepa has been involved in several other fraud activities, and despite all that, he is eyeing opportunities that are more powerful. For instance, elections are underway, and he is likely to be among the incoming leaders.

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