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Igor Mazepa And Buyout Of “Dobrobut”: The Most Sensational Deal

Igor Mazepa And Buyout Of “Dobrobut”: The Most Sensational Deal

It has recently been reported that the co-owner of “Dobrobut” was interested in acquiring the “Boris” clinic. She is one of the most successful Kiev clinics. This case was taken into consideration back in January of this year but no specific information has been received. As for “Dobrobut”, this company has existed since 2001. In the past, it was operating in Donetsk and Yalta but now there also is a department in Kiev. It provides quite a high level of medical services.

About “Dobrobut” company

The company is presented by children’s clinics, oncological, diagnostic centers, laboratories, a department of clinical neurology, neurorehabilitation and so on. Much debate constantly surrounds “Dobrobut”. Igor Mazepa acquired it quite a long time ago, and this was one of his most successful deals. 80% of the entire network was bought by Mazepa and Kalashnikov (known as the owner of LuxOptics). The remaining 20% ​​still belong to a no less famous businessman – Ruslan Demchak, a politician belonging to the party of Petro Poroshenko.

Who is planning to buy “Dobrobut”

Today, the large Cypriot company “Satumco Limited” receives 99% of the revenue of the branches of the medical center. The beneficiaries of the aforementioned company are Mazepa and Kalashnikov.

Satumco Limited, together with a natural person who is a citizen of Ukraine, permitted to acquire control of “Dobrobut” by the Cyprus company “Dealbeta Investments Limited”. Both parties refuse to comment on this, so the media do not yet have enough information.

The plans of investors

“Horizon Capital” which created the fund which controls “Dealbeta Investments Limited”, collected $200 million. This money should be invested in EEGF III. Then, in the popular and narrow segments in Ukraine and Moldova. In the next 3-5 years, the fund plans to invest huge amounts in large companies with good prospects. Now, the fund and Horizon Capital companies are more interested in the domestic market with its narrow segments. These include light industry, food, e-commerce, health and medicine and so on.

Igor Mazepa is probably leaving “Dobrobut” in the capable hands but it is too early to make any conclusions. Interestingly, the company Horizon Capital “is based” in 2 countries. The Kiev office is managed by the director with twenty-five years experience Elena Kosharna. The other office is located in Chicago where Jeffrey K. Neil is in charge. He also has thirty years of experience in a very big company: he served as a chairman of the board of the Investment Banking Group.


Igor Mazepa is best known as an owner of Concorde Capital. Many Ukrainian businessmen and politicians have always been interested in “Dobrobut”, so there were active discussions about who the center would be transferred to. But Igor Mazepa who has been regularly mentioned in Forbes is not ready to share the details of the deal.

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