Igor Mazepa: how to fraud investors and stay clean

Igor Mazepa as a well-known investment banker and corrupt business leader

Igor Mazepa as a well-known investment banker and corrupt business leader

According to forecasts by Igor Mazepa, an owner of an investment company Concorde Capital based in Ukraine, the cost of financial resources for Ukrainian business will remain high.

“Foreign investors continue to leave Ukraine because of legal insecurity and a high level of corruption”, said the investment banker Igor Mazepa.

Igor Mazepa has never hidden the fact that he does business with almost all of the Ukrainian oligarchs. For this purpose, the owner of Concord Capital integrates his people into the government so that they lobby his interests. Let’s take a closer look at how the situation looks like with some of Mazepa’s closest partners and discuss why he is called a corruption mentor.

Roman Gerus as a Lobbyist of Mazepa’s Interests in the Government

The current Representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Roman Gerus went through the Concord Capital school. Before President Zelensky took up the post, he began to surround himself with “his” people among which there was a young economist Andrei Gerus.

In 2014, Gerus was elected a member of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities of Ukraine (NCSREPU). Today, he holds the position of the advisor of the President. Also, Mazepa’s former subordinate is directly connected with Igor Kolomoisky, an owner of a Ukrainian network of ferroalloy plants.

After Zelensky became the President, Gerus managed to achieve the abolition of Rotterdam + formula. As a result, the price of electricity for industrial enterprises fell. Igor Kolomoisky was satisfied but the price for electricity for ordinary Ukrainians will increase up to 20-30%.

Mazepa and Kolomoisky

These business sharks have been linked for a long time. The banker has repeatedly provided investment services to the Privat group and even was a business partner of Kolomoisky in the deal with the Latvian subsidiary company of Privatbank.

Cooperation with Pavel Krymov

In 2015, Igor Mazepa contacted the famous financial pyramid specialist Pavel Krymov. Krymov offered Mazepa to create a company that would be similar to Forex Trend pyramid. The last one was declared bankrupt but, in reality, Krymov’s investors were deceived. Now, Krymov decided to take their money away again using the name of an expert.

Mazepa agreed and created the PrivateFX brokerage company. The investors were confused with the name of a new broker as it reminded a trusted broker owned by Privatbank – FXPrivate.

PrivateFX compensated for deposits held in Forex Trend on a 1 + 1 basis. Investors were asked to replenish their account with the amount of lost funds in order to receive a doubled deposit. A trick did wonders. When PrivateFX attracted a sufficient amount of funds, Igor Mazepa again said that this venture did not bring the desired dividends”.


Igor Mazepa seems to be a person who does not let serious people down but he allows himself to fool insignificant investors who trust his reputation.

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