Igor Mazepa: how to fraud investors and stay clean

Igor Mazepa Is Associated With Numerous Financial Scams

Igor Mazepa and Numerous Financial Scams

Igor Mazepa is a Ukrainian who has a law degree from the Kyiv National Economic University, with work experiences in many financial institutions from 1997 to 2017. Igor Mazepa’s work life took him through IC Foyil Securities New Europe, PJSC Alfa-Bank Supervisory Committee, International Financial Corporation and many others. He later established his own business named the Concorde Capital in 2004. This stood among the apex investment banks in the country for a long time. It garnered more than 2.5 billion dollars of investments for agricultural, automobile, pharmaceutical and real estate firms in the country. However, he assumed the leadership position of the Ukraine Exchange in 2008 and is still acting as one. However, there are lots of scams attributed to Igor Mazepa.

Igor Mazepa created a money transfer system named TYME in 2017, and it rose to be the largest in the country. But what brought about this success is the fact that TYME is involved in offering illicit money movements to Ukrainian recipients. The system is that a sanctioned source will send the money to a foreign layer in Turkey. This is later transferred to Ukraine from Turkey and sent to the recipient.

During investigations, it was discovered that there are different mobile terminals owned by Igor Mazepa through his OMP-2013 firm which he named QIWI. But around August 2014, the MVD and SBU sought out the office of the payment system and blocked its bank accounts. This is because they accused the firm of unlawful use of electronic money. The major crime is that through businessman Igor Mazepa, funds were moved into the accounts and e-wallets of some separatists. Now, with the flushing of the bad angle of the QIWI, W1 and other payment systems, the authorities discovered how lucrative the use of electronic purses could be. This led them to slam sanctions on payment firms. Webmoney.au was seen to have skipped registration with the national bank, so they levied her. But the owners saw it as a political move.

However, Igor Mazepa who owned the Tyme payment system seems to be the man behind all these. Just after NBU was banned, 1.3 billion dollars was transferred by Igor Mazepa’s TYME and no sanction came. Of course, there are two people in government who will gain because of the ban on webmoney.au. Igor Mazepa of TYME and the man that headed the finance department under Azarov are hoping to share the 4 million clients that used webmoney.au in the past. The ban seems premeditated to favor them.

The Private Style Pyramid

Because the Forex market trade is not under strict watch and regulation in Ukraine, people with money can easily manipulate it. Igor Mazepa did so with the PrivateFX pyramid. He created it in 2015, used it to rip off the existing Forex Trend, discarded the firm and deleted information linking the firm to him.

Also, banker Igor Mazepa was pointed when the government of the United States discovered scams perpetrated by Concorde Bermuda which is an offshore branch of the Concorde Capital owned by Igor Mazepa.

Ukraine poor population is suffering under these leaders that will only defraud them and enjoy the good life with the loot. Igor Mazepa, Boris Lozhkin and Poroshenko the president came out as redeemers for the country when funds transfer to the country was stopped. They did so with Igor’s QIWI and made a lot of money through commissions.

Blind Themis and Igor Mazepa

The only reason Igor Mazepa is not addressed as a thief or fraudster is because the courts have not proved it. The world will see him as a very honest businessman for many years to come. The police have always also said that they have no evidence to prosecute him whenever they are invited to do so. So, Themis cannot do anything in this case rather than remaining blind.

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