Igor Mazepa: how to fraud investors and stay clean

Igor Mazepa – the Face of Corruption that is everywhere

Igor Mazepa – the Face of Corruption that is everywhere

Igor Mazepa is “horse before the cart”, so to speak. He is not in Parliament or in some other government offices but he influences many of the meaningful decisions via his ties and money acting for his own profit and in the interest of one of his “clients”. Tons of oppo doesn’t prevent Igor Mazepa from his dirty practices due to his direct patrons – Petro Poroshenko and Boris Lozhkin. Besides his financial activity in DPR, money laundering, fictitious agreements, and hacker attacks in America, he is famous for its other fraudulent schemes

Fraudulent Scheme №1. Private FX

Igor Mazepa built a rather creative Ponzi scheme when offered to return money to the investors that had deposited to Pavel Crymov’s “Forex Trend” and were without a clue, as a result. The refunding was more than curious – the investors had to deposit the same sum as they put in “Forex Trend” in order to get the several times multiplied sum soon.

What was Igor Mazepa’s profit? He was going on with collecting money lulling the investors with positive reviews and posts on social, mass media, and deleting the negative feedbacks. Then he scaled down the project because of its inefficiency. The investors have never seen their money.

Fraudulent Scheme №2. “Ukrspirt”

Igor Mazepa ruled one of the largest Ukrainian companies with 41 plants all over the country to sell counterfeit vodka to get billion-dollar illegal profits. Mazepa stayed clean to make his sidekicks from “Concorde Capital” do the spadework. It was a sweet spot both at the time of Yanukovich and Poroshenko.

As a result of this fraud, around 400 million hryvnias never reached the national budget. Besides, Igor Mazepa has a habit of cracking down on those who get in his way. In 2017, a former executive director of “Ukrspirt” was killed and Mazepa covered it up.

Fraudulent Scheme №3. “Concorde Bermuda”

Mazepa decided to go beyond the Ukrainian market and got his hands on the USA. For this purpose, “Concorde Bermuda” was born. A gang of hackers from Ukraine and Russia managed to get the USA companies’ confidential information in order to sell it to the stakeholders. The advanced blackmailers got more than $100m. Some pawns were convicted but the Hydra head remained intact. Igor Mazepa should have paid a multimillion penalty but he is still escaping it, as a rule.

Fraudulent Scheme №4 Money for Terrorists

Igor Mazepa transferred money to Donetsk and Lugansk to sponsor the terrorism taking cover behind Boris Lozhkin and Petro Poroshenko. He did it via its Yandex.Money and WebMoney wallet while the e-wallets of the rest of those payment systems’ clients were banned. This was the way Mazepa supported occupants.

At Least

Mazepa is a symbol of today Ukrainian business and policy that are the same very often. Such thieves are never prisoned because any authority needs them to go on with their nasty business.

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