Igor Mazepa: how to fraud investors and stay clean

Illegal Claims Involving Igor Mazepa of Concorde Capital Financing Firm

Igor Mazepa – the Face of Corruption that is everywhere

Concorde firm is a privately owned company that deals with profit-oriented real estate services around Europe. This entity was created by Igor Mazepa and it offers advice and solutions for reorganizing equity funds. It also supports people of other businesses and people whose net worth is high.

More regarding Igor Mazepa and all illegal acts involving his firm

Concorde Capital group of firms got created by Igor Mazepa during 2004. Since then, Mazepa has worked as its Director and the entity has always been the preferred investment bank in Ukraine. Sadly, there are many illegal acts involving Mazepa.

Main illegal acts

1. Hacking

The company has made mentioned as the most corrupt company. In 2015, Igor Mazepa and Concorde Capital were mentioned in an act that involved various international investors. This led to a case that got settled in the US. Hackers had hacked news wires to acquire banking details to be given to salesmen.

Salesmen also made high profits that totaled up to 100 million dollars. Investigators found out that this act was performed by Concorde Bermuda which is under Concorde Capital group of companies. At that hacking moment, Concorde Capital had transferred 1.5 million dollars to Jaspen (a firm which is involved in trading using web dealers).

2. Failing to pay people

During 2015 again, Igor Mazepa was discovered to have created PrivateFX (a substitute entity of Forex Trend which had gone down). Mazepa was behind both the falling of Forex Trend and the coming in of PrivateFX.

PrivateFX was purchased by another Prime Broker Company and yet the investors/customers had not gotten their money. The present owner of PrivateFX was not obligated to complete the pending payments.

PrivateFX is actually the biggest fraud surrounding Igor Mazepa. Most customers preferred joining it because Mazepa was its founder and there were various great rewards and discounts that attracted many customers.

PrivateFX got most of its clients from its parent-company, Forex Trend which had ended up in terrible money challenges that led to its collapse.

The present owner of PrivateFX, Prime Broker has been unreachable from March 2018. Clients and investors have never gotten their earnings and PrivateFX got erased from the internet together with all means of contacting its owner. The only existing information about where the money went is an official statement by Igor Mazepa. In that press release, he mentioned that he was a shareholder that was still waiting for information regarding all functions of PrivateFX in 2016.

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