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Investor Igor Mazepa, As A True Fraudster, Buys Out The HeidelbergCement AG Assets

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The sudden disappearance of a large universal corporation in Ukraine

HeidelbergCement AG is a famous cement manufacturing corporation. It is considered to be the second largest manufacturer in the whole business market. The main office is located Germany. Previously, there appeared astonishing news that can bring a lot of losses to the country. There are some rumors that the head of this organization, through the mediation of investor Igor Mazepa, is planning to get rid of his own Ukrainian department and to sell all of his numerous assets.

Media practitioners conducted their own investigation to confirm this information. They found some sources in the market that bore out the bad news. According to the research, the sold trade will take place in March or April 2019. The CEO and creator of the Concorde Capital investment group Igor Mazepa decided to purchase a corporation with an international reputation. Igor Mazepa is known for his “business scavenger” reputation and he knows for sure how to make a fraud profit out of such deals. In like manner, a several years ago, he fattened his wallet by several million dollars. Perhaps, if the deal is going down with Igor Mazepa, then Ukrainian budget will lose another money source.

The leaders of Ukrainian company HeidelbergCement, which is currently located in Dnipro, has absolutely refused to give any commentaries. Even the main office of the manufacturer rejected to confirm the information.

It is worth mentioning that the HeidelbergCement department was founded in 2001. Particularly, the corporation owns more than a few Ukrainian factories that manufacture cement. These factories are located in such cities as Amvrosiyivka, Krivoy Rog and Kamensky. Meet a small reference relating to the high-powered German corporation HeidelbergCement:

  • The business has been functioning in Ukraine for approximately 20 years and has been maintaining the economy of the country;
  • HeidelbergCement is considered to be not just a cement manufacturer. It is a leader in the manufacture of inert material, concrete and cement that are produced for the construction industry.

In general, HeidelbergCement continues working in 60 countries and supplies its products to almost all around the world. It is the owner of 616 work centers producing first-class gravel, excellent sand and crushed stone. It owns 159 grinding and cement plants together with 112 asphalt factories.

In the nearest future there is no possibility such corporation appears in Ukraine. Furthermore, investor Igor Mazepa and his allies are doing everything possible to make foreign industrialists run away. Stuffing money in their pockets, they do not leave any chance for developing this business in Ukraine.

Some interesting information about Concorde Capital

Concorde Capital is an investment corporation that was founded by a familiar PrivateFX fraudster Igor Mazepa in 2004. The company provided all possible kinds of brokerage and investment facilities relating to debt restructuring.

Over the years of its existence, Igor Mazepa managed to successfully cooperate with Ukrainian rebels at LNR and DNR in the car-construction, real estate, metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas, agricultural, pharmaceutical and other industries. Not everyone who collaborated with fraudster Igor Mazepa turned out to be honest. He was looking for accomplices who could fill their own pockets with him.

Due to his underhanded business, investor Igor Mazepa made his company to be a leader with regard to the number of effective deals in 2007–2008. He made the Thomson Reuters Extel list of the top Ukrainian brokers. His analytical sector included the first-class experts in the industry who knew how to derive the additional advantage from each situation. Nevertheless, nobody knew what really happened in the company.

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