Igor Mazepa: how to fraud investors and stay clean

Will Igor Mazepa and Accomplices Be Brought to Justice for Forex Trend 2.0?

Will Igor Mazepa and Accomplices Be Brought to Justice for Forex Trend 2.0?

The Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) has stopped the unlawful activity of the financial bubble Forex Trend. The procedure of search the premises belonging to the criminals and their sidekicks was carried out. In a series of searches, documents and other items, such as fake signature stamps and discs, were removed. The discs contain information which proves the unlawful activities of the criminal group.

How Is Forex Trend Connected with PrivateFX?

The Forex Trend enterprise has appeared by the end of the 2000s. In 2015 the company blocked all funds cashing out procedures from the accounts of the clients. Another broker has emerged in a short while promising the Forex Trend customers to get their funds back. It must be said that the founder is Concorde Capital, the chief of which is Igor Mazepa. In 2017, PrivateFX stopped disbursements too. It worth mentioning that an offshore entity PrimeBroker has become the proprietor of PrivateFX just before the infamous event. Igor Mazepa sold PrivateFX to this foreign entity. This episodehas resonated in society, and many mass media called it a fraud.

A Monetary Gain of Pavel Krymov and Igor Mazepa

Pavel Krymov and his sidekick Vladimir Lozovitsky earned money by creating different investment projects promising the clients profitability of more than 100 % per year. After several months of existence, these projects went bankrupt. The scammers got money; the clients lost their funds.

Igor Mazepa was involved in buying equities of dominant Ukrainian companies. These activities have significant profits.

Bearing in mind that Igor Mazepa is a proficient investment expert, it’s hard to believe that he really intended to help Forex Trend customers to return their funds. It’s obvious that he has decided to take the opportunity to get some cash one more time.

So, a newly established enterprise proffered the Forex Trend customers to deposit their accounts with the sum of money equivalent to the one on the frozen account. They promised to return all financial means from the PrivateFX account. It was enticing, and many Forex Trend customers decided to use this opportunity. However, the money cannot be cashed out for six months, though the clients can trade using them.


Ultimately, PrivateFX stopped disbursements to the Forex Trend customers, but Igor Mazepa tries to avoid responsibility for this situation. Will Igor Mazepa be brought to justice? — this question remains unanswered for now.

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